Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movies coming soon

Ok guys so I got all of my camera gear (microphones, tripod, tapes, etc...) besides my glidecam. It is hopefully coming this week but maybe next week. Once I get it i can start making some short movies. I have a couple ideas for a few, but if you guys have any good ideas for short movies leave a comment here and let me know. I also will probably need some music int he near future, so if you are in a band and want to send me your music so I can use it on my videos, let me know and I will contact you. BTW i am probably making a depth of field tutorial tomorrow if you wanna check it out!



Deividas said...

mmmmm, a porn movie!
Nah, im joking. You should make one with you as a gangster :).

krrrk said...

someting like "Hackers"