Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want a new camcorder

Well I am feeling pretty sick today actually. I had to call in work so i could stay home and puke all day. But anyway I uploaded a ton of videos on boomtowngamers and thenewboston and am working on some objective c tutorials as we speak.

Aside from that i read an awesome book last night, i think it was called SAIL by james patterson. his books are awesome. I am also saving up for this...

This is like the best camcorder ever. The XH A1S. If anyone has one they don't want, trust me ill take it. But anyway, once i get enough money for one i can start making sweet movies and skits.

Well i hope that this blog was random enough for you guys. I am going to chuff now. C ya later, enjoy the new vids!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just built a new computer

Myrtle Beach Next Weekend!


Well everyone, there probably wont be many uploads on either of my channels next weekend. My friend is graduating from Marine Boot Camp and we are going to Myrtle Beach to celebrate. ok enough with the proper grammar.... it takes way to long to capitalize every word. but anyway we are going for the weekend so i wont be making any tutorials but I will be bringing my camcorder so if i decide to do anything stupid i will make sure to tape it for u guys.

Also, i am going to be having a giveaway on my new channel, BoomTownGamers probably in about 3 weeks so tell me what you guys want. Has to be gaming related, games, gift card to best buy n stuff, maybe an xbox? who know. but thats the plan for now.

By the way between today and tomorrow I will be putting up about 10 new vids on each of my channels so be sure to check it out!


New Videos

Hey i just posted some sweet videos on BoomTownGamers. I also am editing Battlefield videos all today so they should all be up sometime this week. As for thenewboston, I am posting some more videos on there tonight, most likely Dreamweaver and maybe some Objective C. Heres a link to my new channel, http://www.youtube.com/boomtowngamers 

Dont forget to subscribe!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just found out my girlfriend made a profile on match.com last week. We've been dating 2 months...

Hot chick, awesome shirt!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This doesnt look safe

Getting ready for this weekend

Ok guys so this weekend I am going to be posting a crap load of battlefield videos on my boomtown gamers channel. Also cole is going to be start doing some more php tutorials so if you want him to go over anything specific then just leave a comment on one of the videos. and lastly kyle will be posting some more COD vids and maybe some other stuff as well.

aside from that i wanted to thank everyone for checking out my blog and following it as well as subscribing to my other channel. it got way more subs than i thought that it would so thank you guys so much, i have the best subscribers ever. ill try to get some more objective c tutorials, they will be up by next week at the latest.

i also really want to do another giveaway soon but i have to get some stuff straightened out first, aka pay off my damn mac. let me know what you guys would like me to give away so i can start thinking of some ideas!
Prbly gona go pick up just cause 2 today. Be expecting a ton of battlefield vids on boomtowngamers and objective c tuts on thenewboston this week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New update tonight

Hey guys I just made a new update video, it took about 4 seconds and I didn't put any effort into it at all. Just thought u guys should know. But anyways if you want to check it out it will be posted in a couple hours. Im going to go eat some hotdogs now because it the only thing in my fridge besides expired cheese. C ya!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting a new computer today

Well guys I checked the FedEx website and I am finally getting my new mac today. So this means that you guys should be looking forward to a lot of Objective C tutorials, this is basically the programming language for the mac and iPhone.

Other than that, I finally started a new channel for my gameplay. A lot of people were asking me to separate my gameplay from my tutorials so I did. Its called http://www.youtube.com/boomtowngamers so make sure to check it out and subscribe.  It a channel where not only my videos are going to be up, but anyone who has gameplay recorded can submit videos for the channel.

Ill probably be making an update video for my thenewboston channel and posting it online tonight or early tomorrow morning so be expecting a new video then!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whats next for my YouTube channel? Hot Chicks?

Hey everyone, I am writing this because I need some feedback. I am looking to add other stuff to my channel besides just computer tutorials and video game-play. What other things would you guys like? Comedy Skits? Short videos? Music videos?

What I was thinking of getting some hot college chick to do a daily news section. It would be kind of like sxephil, you know the daily news with a funny twist. Plus it would have one thing my channel lacks completely, a hot chick. So let me know what you guys think. I think it would def add some new flavor to my channel. If you guys have any other ideas, please let me know.


This is why you shouldnt drink

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whats next for Apple?

Marijuana story

Ok i first want to point out that its annoying hearing everyones opinion on how pot should be legalized, cuz to tell you the truth, i really dont give a shit. I dont smoke myself and people who smoke pot dont bother me at all so i dont care one way or another what happens. However, my psych teacher told me a very interesting story today that i thought id share...

Her son died of cancer some time ago. She was telling us about when he had cancer, the chemo made him sick to his stomach and he wouldn't eat so they had to give him an I.V. (i think thats how u say it), to give his body the nutrients to keep him alive. And with this medicine, it made him feel full all the time so he wouldn't eat because of this either. So pretty much they said if you dont eat, they need to keep giving him this stuff, and because they were giving it to him, he didnt feel like eating, like a never ending circle.

Anyway, thats when she told us that she got the idea to let him smoke pot. I think he was only like 14 at the time and never smoked it before, but she went downtown, and told us how she had to used to buy pot from people she never met. How it was so scary for her to be in the bad parts of town talking to drugs dealers but it ultimately meant keeping her kid alive. So she started buying pot for her kid and when he smoked it, not only did he not feel sick to his stomach anymore, but also it made him want to start eating again. So then he was able to get taken off the medicine and his health in general made an huge improvement.

So being that I dont smoke at all and pot doesn't effect my life in any direct way, I personally couldn't care less about laws or regulations of it or anything. However this story kind of opened my eyes in seeing how beneficial it could be. Her son passed away after a long battle, but thanks to marijuana, his life was a lot longer than it would have been without it. So let me know what you guys think about the situation. Or if you have any stories like this let me know I would like to hear.

Posting more vids soon and other stuff

Ok if you guys are wondering about more youtube videos, I am probably posting 3 more COD videos tonight and then about 15 Dreamweaver tutorials tomorrow night. Then I am going to start making like 400 Objective C tutorials. I think once I get everything straightened out I want to buy some nice camcorders and start making music videos and short movies on the side in addition to tutorials but that's like 4 months from now so idk why im even talking about it now.

On a personal note, my dumb refrigerator sucks. The fridge barley keeps food below room temperature. I have to literally buy a new half gallon of milk every 3 days no matter when it expires. Aside from that, anything i put in my freezer gets freezer burn in about 4 hours, that's how cold it is. I think that I am going to write some more blogs tonight because I don't have to work tomorrow. But for now that's it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Face Wash

On my face wash I saw it said "200+ uses!" I spent about 20 minutes thinking "wtf can i use this for other than to wash my face?" I then realized it meant that you can use it 200 times before you run out. Embarrassing.

Cat people

Here is a short story for you all. (and unfortunately true)

I went to my friends house the other day and we were watching a movie on her couch. After about 10 minutes, her dumb cat walks downstairs and jumps on my lap. She starts laughing, overly amused by the situation, and starts ranting on how her cat was feeling "protective of her" and "demonstrating its dominance" because I was around. So I was thinking to myself, "you assume all this cuz some dumb cat jumped on my lap? Im pretty sure he just wanted some damn food or me to rub his head." However, I didn't say anything because trying to convince a "cat person" that a cat is just like any other animal is like trying to convince a pot head that pot shouldn't be legalized. (btw it should)

So anyway, the cat soon leaves, and comes back about 10 minutes later. It then continues to meow consistently for about 15 minutes while scratching the carpet and the door to the basement. So i ask my friend if the cat needs anything and she keeps telling me no and that the cat is just acting weird because I am around and its "territorial" and stupid stuff like that. Like she knows exactly what this cat is thinking. The fn Sigmund Freud of cats!

So after meowing and scratching crap for 20 minutes, this cat goes into a corner, and takes a pee right on the carpet while looking at me dead in the eye the whole time. So i go, "wtf i told you your cat needed to go out." And she replied, "omg, he must be so stressed that you are on his favorite couch, you should leave."

So i left her and her dumb cat and haven't talk to them since. So now I ask you guys, am i right in thinking that this girl is absolutely crazy and I should never talk to her again? (btw that's my plan right now) Or, am I over reacting, and she is right in doing what she did because the cat was there first and cats do have feelings just like people? So please let me know what you think about the situation and what I should do about it

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ok I finally got this figured out

Ok i finally got all the basics of blogger figured out, so i guess I can make my first official blog...

Im assuming all of you guys found me (bucky) through youtube or my website (thenewboston.com). Sorry I don't have an official website but this will do for now.  Well, for all of you who know me through youtube, here is an update of what is going on. I am getting a mac sometime this week and should be making a crap load of Objective C tutorials. Thats like the programming language for mac. Also, the guys helping me are going to be posting more Battlefield and COD videos as well as Dreamweaver CS4 tutorials.
I would really like to eventually get some nice camcorders and start making short movies, its my passion. Sounds dumb but seriously, it would be really cool I think.

To all of those who are keeping up with my life outside of youtube, my head is fully healed, and my fish, Pape, is as happy as ever.

By the way I decided this blog is not going to be about any one thing in general. Its going to be about everything. Stuff with my channel. Stuff about my life. Stuff about my job. Computer news. Funny pics i find on the web. EVERYTHING! So thank you all for keeping up with me and my life, and ill talk to you later!

Ok this is my first blog from my cell phone, lets see if it works...

Someone leave me a comment

Hey someone leave a comment on one of my posts. I wanna check something out...

Hey guys

whats up everyone its bucky. Yea i decided to get a blog so i can waste some more time. I actually have nothing to say right now, just wanted to test this out to make sure it works, cya!