Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Anarionist said...

Wow that pretty much describes me but if i were to give my identity away from this position i would be arrested with in 48 hours because of me being poor(reference to me having to torrent since i have no income and i love to learn 3d software in particular 3ds max) i honestly if i had the money would buy them all but im only using them to learn. infact im actually a huge fan of the gnu public license (heheh linux, open source is amazing i can't tell you how much ive learned from open source software) by the way i like your tutorials they helped me understand 3ds max better(though i still suck but thats because i lack creativity) :) thx

krrrk said...

You just left ur ip. :-)
ok, at a internet cafe that doesn't matter. (if u used one)