Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Brock said...

I thought American love cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i have been following your tutorials on youtube from the html, to the xhtml, to the dreamweaver and now im working on css. but i was wanting to know if you still had a website somewhere out there i could follow along with your tutorials? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bucky,

Can you make some more tutorials on C++? Learning it right now and your tuts on it are awesome but there isn't that many. It would also be nice if you had C++ game development tuts. You do have Java, so why not C++?

Great job on the tutorials! I am in 9th grade and already ahead of those 12th graders in AP Computer Science... n00bs

Herman said...

Hi Bucky,

I am a filipino living in Philippines. I am a FoxPro, VB6 / .Net and Clipper programmer. I never been interested in Java and C++ programming before till i watch your Java tutorial and Game video in youtube. I actually downloaded the Java game videos to be able for me to follow step by step. I also downloading the Java tutorial but not finished yet the 86 parts. I actually was thinking to shift from VB.Net to C#, since this 2 are inside the visual studio .net but i was amazed by your video on Java. One question, is java easy to make a distribution disk? i mean like if i finished a program an i want people to use it, instead of giving them a full source code ".java" to test for themselves, is it easy to make an installer package in java?
Thank you very much, hope to get your answer and nice if you make a video on how to, or if you already did can i have the link.