Monday, April 26, 2010


anyone have oblivion for xbox 360 they don't play anymore? send it to me!


Dillion said...

I got it. =P Great game. If you do get it. Google, scroll clone glitch.

scoty2kk said...

I've got a GoTY edition, but I doubt you will be able to play it since it's the european PAL version.

swapna said...

Hi Bucky,
I am not able to find any PHP code on your website, as you mentioned in the videos. please do post a link as to where I can find it, it will be of great help!

Thanks so much for all your amazing work,

Michael Big J. said...

dude i feel bad. i actually sold my game to a friend because my brother needed moneu for his school project but if i had it i would send it to you

buky 's fan said...

hi,bucky, i'm your new fan, great tutoring....anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey bucky,
I just wanted to now where you got the
"That's what she said" expression from?
And also i have both goty and regular oblivion but its european pal from finland.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bycky,I'm sorry that I'm posting a question in a wrong place
but I have been watching your awesome PHP tutorials and when I came to your blog looking for the codes I didn't find any links to lead me to your PHP codes.I would be grateful if you kindly lead me to them.
Thank you.

Florker said...

I do not have it, but i do have fallout 3 that i do not play. My xbox red ringed for the 3rd time and i just gave up on it.