Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey guys

whats up everyone its bucky. Yea i decided to get a blog so i can waste some more time. I actually have nothing to say right now, just wanted to test this out to make sure it works, cya!



Anonymous said...

Hey why did you change to MAC I liked it better when you used your PC to do Javascript video's please go back to PC want the Array's on PC comands are

biswajit said...

dude i saw your tutorial...i hve been in IT feild for few years but i dont know java that much as i am more focussed on doing MBA...can you tell me how how you Integrate java codes with the system u know database and jsp things...if you have some more tutorials on those things it wil be appreciated.

ahmed said...

buckyyyyy ... what happened to the forum ... damiiiit , can u tell me where can i get the PHP codes now , hah .... :(

BTW,Great tut/s simple& easy , keep 'em coming man ;)