Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Face Wash

On my face wash I saw it said "200+ uses!" I spent about 20 minutes thinking "wtf can i use this for other than to wash my face?" I then realized it meant that you can use it 200 times before you run out. Embarrassing.


snowballschance said...

hey bucky, thats an amuzing story.
i counldn't figure out the youtube inbox email thing so i figured i'd ask here, so apologies in advance if this is off topic.

but i wanted to ask if you have any tips for cranking out high quality tutorials and also i was wondering if you know of any tips for generating traffic to your youtube tutorials as i have been making some blender tutorials on my channel and would like to know what you suggest. thank you

Hamza said...

Hello bucky, I really like you´re video tutorials! keep up the good work!

can you make a tutorial about building a complete PHP website from scratch?

jack said...

hey bucky how can i contact you? i have something i want to ask you but is too long for one of these comment things. Do you have an email account i can contact you by?

Anonymous said...

love your tutorils!!!!
need help getting the codes
cant see your web site

Rafi said...

love your tutorials!!!

need help to get the codes