Monday, March 15, 2010

Ok I finally got this figured out

Ok i finally got all the basics of blogger figured out, so i guess I can make my first official blog...

Im assuming all of you guys found me (bucky) through youtube or my website ( Sorry I don't have an official website but this will do for now.  Well, for all of you who know me through youtube, here is an update of what is going on. I am getting a mac sometime this week and should be making a crap load of Objective C tutorials. Thats like the programming language for mac. Also, the guys helping me are going to be posting more Battlefield and COD videos as well as Dreamweaver CS4 tutorials.
I would really like to eventually get some nice camcorders and start making short movies, its my passion. Sounds dumb but seriously, it would be really cool I think.

To all of those who are keeping up with my life outside of youtube, my head is fully healed, and my fish, Pape, is as happy as ever.

By the way I decided this blog is not going to be about any one thing in general. Its going to be about everything. Stuff with my channel. Stuff about my life. Stuff about my job. Computer news. Funny pics i find on the web. EVERYTHING! So thank you all for keeping up with me and my life, and ill talk to you later!



narmo said...

Hi Bucky! As I wrote on your YT channel, your tutorials are really great.

I'll enjoy your blog. Cheers!

Digga said...

Keep up the great work with your videos. Have helped me a lot :-)

David Combs said...

Hey Bucky, just wanted to come on here and give you some blog-love. Your After Effects Tuts have helped me immeasurably; thanks so much for doing them. Good luck with your video making endeavors! If you need any art/design help send me a line - I can draw a mean Charlie the Chupacabra.

Nobu said...

youre YouTube video is helping me too. thanks bucky

james said...

hi bucky i was hoping you could help me with something i pmed you on you tube but u didnt answer maybe you will reply here. i am currently trying to make an animated star background in java now i have no idea how to do this its for my project and my teacher said he wont give me anymore than he already did . basically he told me i would have to use vector2d method if you could kindly email me on so we can discuss this further ill really appreciate it :) thumbs up on vids and site :P