Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting a new computer today

Well guys I checked the FedEx website and I am finally getting my new mac today. So this means that you guys should be looking forward to a lot of Objective C tutorials, this is basically the programming language for the mac and iPhone.

Other than that, I finally started a new channel for my gameplay. A lot of people were asking me to separate my gameplay from my tutorials so I did. Its called so make sure to check it out and subscribe.  It a channel where not only my videos are going to be up, but anyone who has gameplay recorded can submit videos for the channel.

Ill probably be making an update video for my thenewboston channel and posting it online tonight or early tomorrow morning so be expecting a new video then!


Relysaa said...

Hi Bucky, I've been wondering if this means that there will be no Java tutorials / Java Game Tutorials anymore. Maybe you can anwer to that/your plans beside those apps-tutorials if there are any on your update-video. That would be great.

..:::RS:::.. said...

nice computer! hey.. What happened to the c++ tutorials?? are 29 only? or is there more?

Anonymous said...

i used to play your php game. do u still have the source code. you could maybe post a zip file or sumthing. id like to learn off it

Jordan Stites said...

do u do any adobe flash. i know the basics but those would be some cool and helpful tutorials

Avsie said...

Hey Bucky. You are a very busy person I can see but I like the rest am wondering your plans for future tutorials. I have followed all the Javascript ones and also now up to tutorial 31 of PHP. I require the source code to tutorial 31 but you no longer seem to have your forums. Do they still exist on some other URL? They would be very valuable to still access if you could provide a link. Your hard work would then not have gone to waste as others could enjoy your previous tutorials. I understand if you don't have time for doing many more but if you could just allow access to the source code that would be great.

Thanks anyway and all the best.

jnwredwood said...

Hello Bucky

I've been watching you're YouTube tutorials on python and they really useful but I am stuck on a program that I am trying to write. It solves quadratic equations, but I cant get it to show the answer or calculate it, it just keeps printing the formula that I told it to use to solve them. Please help!!


chicoi said...

You really are rich..

Jorik said...

Hey Bucky,

I've got a question, do you like your iMac? I want a new pc for web design/ C (++)/Java programming, and I'm really interested in the iMac. I've been working on windows PC about my while life and I'm looking for some unbiased (aka not mac hippy) advise.

Also, which iMac do you have?