Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Posting more vids soon and other stuff

Ok if you guys are wondering about more youtube videos, I am probably posting 3 more COD videos tonight and then about 15 Dreamweaver tutorials tomorrow night. Then I am going to start making like 400 Objective C tutorials. I think once I get everything straightened out I want to buy some nice camcorders and start making music videos and short movies on the side in addition to tutorials but that's like 4 months from now so idk why im even talking about it now.

On a personal note, my dumb refrigerator sucks. The fridge barley keeps food below room temperature. I have to literally buy a new half gallon of milk every 3 days no matter when it expires. Aside from that, anything i put in my freezer gets freezer burn in about 4 hours, that's how cold it is. I think that I am going to write some more blogs tonight because I don't have to work tomorrow. But for now that's it.

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